Dream Far Foundation Corp

Gerley J(CEO)

Jon D(President)

Desire W.(Vice-President)


Sandra J(Dance Coordinator)




At Dream Far Foundation Corp the heart of approach is reminding each young person they're dreams and goals are important, and then giving them opportunities to show they're talents.

Dream Far Foundation Corp. provides a structured organization in which our youth will learn to identify the needs of their school and learn how to effectively provide for those needs. Our youths will actively participate in fund raising, talent show, and fashion shows as well as participating in on-going activities that Dream Far Foundation Corp. offer

The goal is to have a total of two hundred kids and be part of the Dream Far Foundation Corp. family. Supporting Youth's dreams is one of the most important thing we do!!

Our office hours are:Mon.-Fri 8am-6pm Sat. 8am-5pm



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 Your donation supports our mission of strengthening the community,youths and our programs.  Our passion is music and art, your donation will impact our families and youths.